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n any situation, whether joyful or tragic, dressing smartly will make a lasting impact on men and women alike. Be the first to amaze your significant other with a bold and adaptable appearance that will set you apart from the rest. As a result, we're excited to showcase our extensive collection of Stay Close Jackets & Coats, which will enhance your image at any casual or formal event.

Stay Close

Stay Close is a British mystery drama miniseries created by Red Production Company for Netflix, based on the 2012 Harlan Coben novel of the same name. The eight-part series premiered on December 31, 2021.


Megan Pierce is a suburban mother with a shady past who lives in the imaginary town of Livingstone. Dave is her sweetheart, and they have three wonderful children together. Ray Levine used to work as a documentary photographer. He changed after losing the lady he adored. Now he works as a paparazzo-for-hire, appealing to rich child pseudo-celebrities in a dead-end career. Michael Broome is a detective who is still troubled by a cold case from seventeen years ago, when Stewart Green, a local husband, and father, vanished without a trace. Stewart's wife is still waiting for him.

Stay Close Jackets & Coats

Stay Close Jackets

Wear a remain close cush giant trench coat to create your own classy and sophisticated look. The elegant coat is made of high-quality wool fabric and is entirely lined with skin-friendly viscose fabric to keep you dry for a long time. The light blue color of the coat will complement your appearance. Stay close cush giant blue trench coat is attractively created with features like a lapel style collar, buttoned closure, and side waist pockets that are great for slipping your hands into. The stay-close cush giant blue trench coat will improve your style while also making you stand out from the crowd. Simply add this jacket to your casual ensemble to instantly elevate your personality.

Are you a covert operative? With James Nesbitt Blue Jacket, you can be the most appealing person by having a respectable look and a fearless demeanor. The suggested jacket is a replica of Broome's clothing from the crime and mystery television series Stay Close. Broome was played by James Nesbitt, a well-known American actor.

Frequently Asks Questions

Is it worthwhile to watch Stay Close on Netflix?

Stay Close is incredibly watchable at its most basic level. It feels like it was made to be binge-watched, with each episode building on the last – it's intriguing in the sense that it makes you want to keep watching, but not in the sense that you'll remember it in great detail few months later.

What is the plot of the film Stay Close?

Megan (Cush Jumbo), a mother of three, has her life turned upside down as her dark past comes back to haunt her. The finale tied up all the loose ends and revealed the name of the serial killer who had buried bodies in the woods after a series of twists and turns.

Is Stay Close based on true events?

Stay Close is not based on true events. Instead, the series is a straight adaptation of Harlan Coben's 2012 novel of the same title and the author worked very closely with the campaign to create it for the small screen

Is Stay Close a sequel to The Stranger?

Both Stay Close and The Stranger is based on Coben's works. However, Armitage claims there is no other link between the two stories. That convinced him to sign on to the new show, the actor told Hello!

Is Stay Close available on Amazon Prime?

The film is currently available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and DVD/Blu-Ray with subtitles.

In Stay Close, why did Dave get rid of his car?

Kayleigh later called her father, Dave, and asked him to drive them home. However, Dave eventually found the car as well. Dave decided to get rid of the car after seeing it in the news broadcast to safeguard his daughter.

Stay Close was shot in which locations?

Vipers, a nightclub where multiple men have vanished under suspicious circumstances, is one of the primary locales in Stay Close. The exterior of Vipers was shot in Liverpool at an abandoned nightclub surrounded by trees.

In Stay Close, who plays Carlton Flynn?

Stay Close stars, Connor Calland, as Carlton Flynn. Professional actor Connor Calland. On January 28, 1997, Connor Calland was born. Connor Calland is a 24-year-old actor.