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Suspicion Outfits

Suspicion Outfits

Suspicion is a mystery thriller drama television show produced by Rob Williams and filmed by Chris Long. The show is inspired by Amit Cohen and Maria Feldman's Israeli TV series False Flag. Georgina Campbell, Kunal Nayyar, Angel Coulby, Elizabeth Henstridge, Elyes Gabel, and Clare Perkins feature in the series. The show launched on Apple TV+ on February 4, 2022, and garnered excellent feedback from viewers.

The series follows five regular people, three men, and two women, who are suspected of kidnapping the son of a well-known American media mogul. With this suspicion, their lives have been turned upside down, and they are now in a race against time to establish their innocence. Will they be able to demonstrate their innocence, and are they telling the truth?

The show is a great mix of crime and thrills, and we highly suggest it to everyone. The show is praised for its excellent direction, storyline, and character development. We also admire how classy and stylish the characters' clothing is throughout the show.

Suspicion Costume 

You know what we're talking about if you've been watching the show for a time. Here, in this comprehensive Suspicion Costume Guide, you'll find a variety of clothes worn by your favorite characters in the program. Every costume comes with a slew of apparel and accessories that you'll need to get your hands on if you want to look like your favorite Suspicion character. So, let's get started.

Suspicion Georgina Campbell Jacket:


In the series, Georgina Campbell plays Natalie Thomspon, and we love how unabashedly she has played her character, don't you? On the show, she looks absolutely lovely in this grey leather jacket with black tapered denim – exquisite! This is the costume you need to get your hands on right immediately if you want to recreate her look from the series.

This jacket is made of genuine leather and lined on the inside with a soft viscose fabric lining. It has long sleeves, open hem cuffs, and a belted hem, with a notch lapel style collar that comes down to a front asymmetrical zippered closing for a classic fit.

Suspicion Natalie Thompson Jacket

Suspicion Natalie Thompson Jacket

In Suspicion, Georgina Campbell plays one of Natalie Thompson's primary characters. Don't you think she appears so powerful and confident throughout the show? We adore her attire in addition to her excellent performance. Get this ensemble, which includes a shearling leather jacket, white t-shirt, and brown jeans, right here.

This jacket is made of genuine leather and is lined on the inside with shearling for added warmth and comfort. Long sleeves, zipped cuffs, and two waist zippered pockets complement the shearling shirt style collar, which reaches down to a front zippered closure for a relaxed fit. A brown shearling collar is added to the black jacket.

Frequently Asks Questions

Is Suspicion worth watching?

In all honesty, Suspicion seems more suited to binge-watching than waiting for a new episode every week, but if you don't mind waiting for the plot to pick up, it's worth watching right now.

Is Suspicion getting a second season?

The eight-part series premiered on Apple TV+ on Friday, February 4, 2022, with two episodes, followed by six episodes every Friday thereafter. Given the show's recent completion, neither the streaming platform nor the creators have confirmed a second season. 2

Where can I view Suspicion?

Apple TV Plus

Suspicion is accessible only on Apple TV+. To begin watching, get an Apple TV+ subscription ($4.99 per month), download the Apple TV software to your device, and look for Suspicion in the Originals tab of the TV app.

How did the Apple TV Suspicion end?

After all, he faked the whole thing and there was no kidnapper. Tara discloses that she is a member of Leo's gang. Given Tara's tight ties with her students, we've seen hints of this before, and now it's clear she's working with Leo to bring his mother down.

Where can I watch the above suspicion seasons 3 and 4?

Suspicion is available for rent or purchase on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and Google Play.

What show is Suspicion based on?

False Flag Operation

“Suspicion,” an original eight-episode Apple+ series, premieres on February 4th. It's based on the Israeli series “False Flag.” Uma Thurman plays a mother whose son has been kidnapped.

In Suspicion, who portrays Kate?

Thurman, Uma

Katherine Newman is played by Uma Thurman.

Uma Thurman, an Oscar nominee, stars as a powerful businesswoman who is shocked when her 21-year-old son is abducted by a group of masked criminals at a New York hotel.