Terms & Condition

Shipment criteria :

We will deliver to all the nations throughout the world. Regardless of whether we focus on a worldwide customer base, a few nations are eliminated from this list (OFAC countries) in consistence with unfamiliar law sanctions. Other than that, we also don’t ship to Israel, regardless of what the conditions are.

Payment modes:

You can pay us through any suitable means. Like PayPal, Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We don’t accept cash on deliveries and pay order so credit card and PayPal are the only options left. Perhaps, end to end security is ensured through the SSL layer.

Return & Exchange Policy

Jacketars aims to provide it’s the customer the best services we can. So here we are up with the easy exchange and return policies after purchase.

You can easily exchange and return a product within a month of purchase. Just drop us an email and your concerns are all settled by our customer service representative within 24hours. We are more likely to hear you within a month. Beyond 30 days we will be sorry today that we won’t be able to help you out.

Acceptance & Order Rejection:

Jacketars have all rights to either accept or reject your placements under certain scenarios. For example, your inability to answer essential questions at the time of access to our site.

User & Accounts

The guidelines should be followed sincerely. Jacketars aim well.

Governing Law

We have USA domicile. All discrepancies are settled accordingly.